Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stuffed things - Misfits

I love these little stuffed Misfits.  I bought the book "Make Your Own Misfits" (see the URL below).  Just had to make some of these stuffies after seeing the images in the book.  I used the same pattern for both but because of the way the fabric stretched they came out different shapes and sizes. Also, I didn't enlarge the pattern to the recommended size because I wanted them smaller.  They were very quick to make and inexpensive to make because I used recycled clothing for the bodies.

Bobby Dazzler's Make Your Own Misfits: 35 Unique and Quirky Sewn Creatures


Carla said...

They are adorable!

Opal Larkin said...


I like "Walk in Splendor" as I have
started making Fall/Thanksgiving cards for the troop and patients at the VA hospital.


Opal Larkin said...

Carla, I didn't know that you were into doing journal pages; what else are you doing with your "spare" time?
Love the journal pages and stuffed misfits; bet the twins love them.