Monday, November 26, 2012

Journal Pages and Zentangles

My journal pages are from
"21 Secrets Workshop/Let's Get Into Shape"
By The Collage Diva: Kathryn Antyr.
These were alot of fun to make.  I have several containers with pages I have torn out of magazines, papers, found items, painted papers, stickers, stencils and much more.  I have a lot of words in different fonts that I cut out of magazines and these sometimes help me decide where to go with my page. Everyone should try this it's so stress free.

I made this Zentangle book a couple of years ago with my Zutter binder. I love the Zutter for making quick books.  This one was a perfect size for a beginner Zentangler, which I was.  I liked being able to create a design a day while learning.  The book was a good reference for me of how I used the different tangles.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

On the road to AZ

November 14, 2012
We started our road trip on Wednesday.  The first night we spent at Mom's.  She lives in Vancouver,WA just a few hours from our home.  It was a busy day for me and mom.  She needed a manicure so we went to the beauty salon so she could get that done.   Mom doesn't drive so I make sure I take her out when I visit.  Connor was weird.  He is mom's dog.  He wouldn't lie down, didn't bark and cried if we tried to pick him up, so he needed a trip to the Veterinarian.  The diagnosis was a sore back.  The doc gave him some pain pills.  After several days he is doing fine and driving mom crazy with his barking.
All of these photos were taken from inside the car. They came out good considering we were moving at 75 mph.

Lunch at McDonald's 


I can see some cool images in the clouds.

Friday, November 23, 2012

October 28th, 2012

Alan (big kid) had us all over for a barbecue today.  I love these family days when we all get together, doesn't happen often enough for me.  Trevor (little kid) and Alan prepared most of the meal.  Steak, salad, potatoes, vegetables and garlic bread.  The food was good.  We hadn't seen Jaidah since she's been walking and she really gets around now.  Such a doll.  I took lots of pictures of her, such serious expressions.
Alan and Jaidah

Heather (Jaidah's mom)

Trevor and Alan
Trevor, Dad and Alan

Monday, November 5, 2012


Shelly and I have named our Journal Collaboration "Play". 

This is my latest page.  The prompt we are using this week is 'Hang Ups'.  I have been using alot of collage items on my pages.  It's been fun looking through all my stash to try to find the right images to make my pages.

Check out Shelly's blog to see what she's done this week.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mixed Media

  I just finished this mixed media piece.  It was made with collaged papers, stencils, a photo, and numerous coloring products.

Collaborating Art Journals with Shelly

This is another shared page. 

The weekly prompt was 'Found Trash'.  I included Found things (that were not Trash) such as a story written by my niece.  The bird's feathers had fallen off costumes at a Halloween dance, (I was picking these up off the floor planning to use them on my journal page).   The rest being trash that was collecting on my work table in my art room.