Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Collaborating Art Journals

I first met Shelly at Journalfest 2011.  We registered for a couple of classes and shared a table on the second day.  Both of us have similar interests in Art Journaling.  Recently Shelly invited me to do a year long collaboration of our journal pages sharing a weekly prompt. 
Roben-Marie Smith and Samantha Kira Harding did a Creative Collaboration called "Points of Two" in 2010.  There have been several magazine articles about "Points of Two" by Roben-Marie and Kira. You can check out their websites here:
Shelly Sazama and I at Journalfest, October 2011
Our promt this past week was "Fall Colors"  
My background is colored tissue paper in fall colors. I added some collage and stencils to show the things I think about during the season. 
Check out Shelly's page here:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New stuff.

Time is flying by too fast.  My calendar is full of doctor appointments, visit to mom and art stuff.  Now that the rainy weather is here I'm thinking about traveling to warmer climates.  I actually do like seeing the rain, it's kind of romantic sitting before a roaring fire and listening to the raindrops hitting the roof.  I love that feeling, listening to the weather and feeling all cozy curled up with a good book.

This picture was started at the Samish Island retreat.  I finally finished it and just hung it on the wall.  The original photo was taken in the garden of a neighbor.  I used watercolor paper, collage items, watercolors, stencils, stamps, pens, rubons and stitching.  I added a picture of the original for you to see.

 This little stool belongs to my mom.  Last time I visited she sent it home with me so I could paint it.  She didn't like the plain brown color.  So I just painted and stenciled it with acrylics.  I think she will like it.

My new Panasonic Lumix ZS19 camera takes great pictures.  I've been practicing with it.  So far just using the Intelligent photo setting.  Camera knows just what to do. 
On my walk a few days ago I photographed things growing in the rockeries along neighborhood properties.

October 7th I took a Journal class at Art n' Soul, my favorite stanp store.  The class was taught by Linda from www.lost-coast-designs.com .  She didn't really teach, it was more of a here use my supplies and create.  We received some cool journals to work in and a large background stamp plus copies of faces, words and sayings for use in our journals.  I really had fun creating journal pages using the supplies that she provided.  So take a look at my creations.

the following two pages went together side by side in my journal.