Sunday, June 8, 2014

Watercolor and Mixed Media

Finished paintings from the paint retreat in May 2014.

This painting was started last May at the retreat.  I took it with me to work on this year.

 I decided to make it into a mixed media piece.  I really liked it at this point but when I went to frame it, I felt the flower needed to pop out more,
so I got out my stabilo pencil and sketched around the flower.
This was my completed page.  It looks fantastic in the brown frame I purchased from Michael's.

The boot and deck were painted from a photo.  It was a photo of my sister's deck.  She loves to shop at Goodwill or Value Village and always has lots of fun things decorating her back yard.

Another painting from a photo.  Our community has a yearly garden tour.  I always take my camera and I always find lots of interesting ideas for my artwork.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Watercolors and mixed media projects

This is what I did at the Samish Island paint out.  Mostly started but not completed projects.
On Saturday morning we were given a challenge.  Starting at 9:30am until noon.  The instructions were to complete a painting, collage, or whatever, that included the items listed.  I did the collage it was fun to get loose and messy with this page.  Can't do that with watercolor. If you double click on the picture, you can enlarge it in order to read the instructions.

These were watercolors I worked on.  None are completed.  I will finish them soon in my own studio.

Photos taken at Samish Island paint retreat

The moon at Samish Island camp.
Photos taken on my walk.  You see the most interesting things in communities like this.  (Out in the country).

This photo was taken from the window in the lodge.  I have a very good zoom on my camera, was able to bring it in close.

The following photos were taken in Edison.
Fabulous bakery. Love their shortbread cookies. 
Biker hangout.

Fun store. Lots of handcrafted stuff. I bought 2 pairs of tie-dyed bamboo socks. They feel so soft on my feet. Love them. 

The flowers were outside a shop.
Midge bought one of the snakes for her golf cart in Arizona.
Midge, Carol and I laughed when we saw the dog.  He was so funny looked like he was driving.