Sunday, November 20, 2011

Journalfest 2011

Journalfest was October 26th thru October 30th.  It is one of my favorite events of the year.  I was so disappointed to learn a few days after the event that it was the last Journalfest.  Tracy and Teesha have done a wonderful job of organizing the art retreats for lthe past 10 years and I am so glad that I experienced some of them.  I have met so many wonderful artists and learned so much from the classes and the sharing of ideas.

Mattie went with me.  I knitted her a new hat.  I think it is so cute.

 As I was unpacking my bags, Liesel Lund called me to look out her window at the rainbow.  I was a little late taking a photo so just got it as it was fading away.

I walked up to the bunkers and took this photo of one of the cement walls.  I just love the colors of rust and moss that covers it.

The pink chair caught my eye.

October 27
Roxanne Padgett's "Stenciled Journal Journey".
I have taken several classes from Roxanne and loved them all.  In this workshop we learned to create and use our own stencils. We painted, stenciled and stamped on canvas and paper and used our decorated canvas to cover and make a journal.  These are examples made by Roxanne.

Shelly Sazama and me (Carla) in Roxanne's class.

 This is one of Roxanne's handmade stamps.  I love it.

I made the journal in the middle.

All the books made in the class.

October 28
Fran Meneley's "Finding Your Voice".
This is Fran .  She was giving a demo for her class, Fran is a wonderful teacher. Some of the things she shared with us were her favorite layering and stacking techniques, problem solving and how collage can be used in our journal pages.

These were a couple of journal pages I worked on in her class.  They still need some work.

October 29Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen's class, "Learning to See".
I love Lisa's Journal's which she shared with us, her drawings are fabulous.  She taught us drawing techniques, basic color theory and how to apply watercolor and colored pencils to our drawings. 

Lisa was giving a Demo.  Due to her expression I think someone had asked her a question and she was contemplating her answer.

These were upside-down drawings.  We were each given the same picture which we turned upside-down to draw.  This was a lesson in drawing what we saw.  I found myself looking at everything as a shape, didn't realize that I was drawing leaves and stems until I was nearly finished.

This was another leasson in drawing and shading what we saw.  Everyone was given two 3x3 blank post-it notes and 2 very small pictures.  The little pictures had to be enlarged to the 3x3 size as we drew the images onto the post-its.  Each square was numbered so all the finished pieces could be put together like a puzzle.  This is Tracy Moore.

Lisa and Tracy Saturday evening at the Journaling party.  Lisa had laminated the picture and given it to Tracy.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lisa Englebrecht

I loved this class, loved Lisa.  She was so much fun.  Class participants were all given 1 yard of fabric to cut up however we wanted .. We needed to decide whether we were going to do a book, mini quilt, apron, canvas bag or wall hangings.  I divided my fabric into a number of different sized pieces to use for wall hangings or embellishments for other items such as tote bags or aprons.

Here's Lisa doing a DEMO.

This is the front of a book bag Lisa made.

These are book pages.

Lovely heritage wall hanging.

Another example of Lisa's beautiful art work.

Class participants all provided a piece of their painted fabric to use on an apron for Lisa.  It took several of us to figure out the best placement for the pieces of fabric.  Then we pinned them in place.  Kathy Peterson, who donated the apron, took it home and sewed it all together.  Looked so good.  We gave it to Lisa at Journalfest the next evening.  She loved it.

More painted fabrics.  Lisa placed these fabric pieces on the table to show us how she decides which ones would work together on a wall hanging.

This class was really fun.  Learned a lot. I don't have an example of what I did to add to this post because I deleted it off my camera before downloading my photos.  When I complete some of my pieces I will share them at a later date