Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Journal Page Tutorial

As I was creating this journal page, I decided to take photos of each step and make a tutorial to share.

I have selected my background papers which I will collage onto my page.  I am using a Watercolor Strathmore Journal.  This paper allows for several layers without breaking down.  Mod podge is my choice for gluing items to my page.  Sometimes I use matt medium, but find I need to use gloves with it because it doesn't wash off the hands very well.

After gluing my collage papers to my page, I add some paint using a sponge.  I like to use light colors here.  I start with buttermilk and some off white mixed together with a little water to give it a light wash, then I added some light blue, yellow and a red tone.  All applied lightly so the background shows through.

This is where I start adding stenciling. to my page.

More stencils and stamping here. 

Now for a focal point.  I cut the image out of a magazine.  Cut a dress out of scrap paper, and a bandanna to cover her hair.

This is where the fun starts.  Doodling, adding details.  Drawing leaves and stems for the flowers. I painted her face and body parts with a light paint.

Here is the completed page. I have added rub ons, more stamping, some decorative tape.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Carla Sonheim's online class "Imaginary Creatures" Post 2

I finished my class and here are my creatures.  It was so much fun working on these and then I messed them up at the finish.  The finishing spray was clogged and I didn't check it, so I have lots of spots all over my creatures.  I liked them better before I sprayed them.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Journal cover

This is a cover I made for my Sketchbook. 

I used clear contact shelf liner. I cut a piece to fit my journal, plus an extra couple of inches on each side to allow for a pocket for the cover to slide into. I layed the contact on my table with the sticky side up, then started sticking scrap papers to it.  I used a glue stick for any overlapping edges that needed to be secured. When contact liner was covered, I placed another piece of contact paper over the scrap papers to sandwich them together. Using my sewing machine I did some freehand stitching all over the cover, to hold everything together since the contact paper isn't really sticky.  I trimmed the edges to fit the height of my journal/sketchbook and stitched around the edges of the cover. Finally I folded in the sides about 2 inches and stitched the edges to make pockets to slide my journal covers into.


Before going on my cruise, I decided that I needed a pouch to carry my sketchbook and a few supplies that would be easy to grab and go.

This is the pouch I made.  I painted the fabric and sewed it together.  It only just holds my sketchbook, watercolors, a pen, pencil and eraser.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Carla Sonheim's online class "Imaginary Creatures"

Carla Sonheim's class started Monday
(link to her website)

This class is so much fun.  I am loving it.  This is the 3rd online class I have taken from Carla.  I love her style of teaching.

Taking online classes allow you to work at your own pace.  Most of the time, you have access to the class videos and pdfs for several months.

These are some of my creations from the class.  DAY 1

Paint blob creatures

Sidewalk cracks creatures

one liner animals

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's a New Year

I hope that this will be a good year for all.  Some things going on in my life that worry me right now, art seems to help keep me focused.  I know I can't change whatever happens in the next year but I am going to do what I can to make it memorable.

This Christmas and New Year's my husband and I went on a 14 day cruise, celebrating both holidays on the ship.  It was a great experience and we met lots of wonderful, friendly people.  I love the Caribbean Islands.  Everything is so colorful, lots of beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, the houses painted in bright colors, like orange, pink, blue, green, etc. and red roofs.  The water in gorgeous shades of blue and green and all the boats.  We went on a small ship the Prinsendam, which because of its size we were able to visit the smaller islands that weren't so touristy.  We had a wonderful time. 

I worked on my travel journal while we were on the ship.  Each day I printed out my photos with my POGO Polaroid printer and added them to my pages. 

Here is my handmade journal and photos of some of my journal pages -