Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meet Mattie (Matilda)

At the library last month when I was browsing through the craft books, I spied "Knitted Babes" by Claire Garland.  I checked the book out from the library and after getting home,decided I was going to make one of these babes, they were sooo cute.  Since I didn't have the time to do this while I had the library book, I checked out Amazon's used books.  Can you believe 30 cents?  That was a no brainer, I bought the book.
and so

here's Mattie!

At a garage sale a few months ago I bought a crocheted dishcloth.  This was the best dishrag I've ever had for wiping the kitchen counters and cleaning.  So I got the whim to crochet some dishcloths.  I had a book to learn how and a pattern I had printed off the web.  This is my first ever crocheted item.

I started sketching my watercolor pallette in Jane LaFazio's class and just finished it.  I didn't think I could draw but I'm quite pleased with my efforts.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art & Soul in Portland

September 28th and 29th I attended Art & Soul with my friend Midge.  We took a couple of fabulous classes taught by Jane LaFazio. 

Wednesday class was:
Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style

Midge and I with our sketches
Examples from other students


The Magnolia and bird were my sketches from the class.

The class on Thursday was called Recycled Circles.  These were made with fabric, papers, paint, stitch and added embellishments.

Midge and I with Jane

The two photo's above were some samples of Jane's and the one below is of my finished project.

Jane LaFazio teaches classes online, has a wonderful DVD for sale.  Check out her blog