Saturday, August 13, 2011

Moleskine Journal Pages

This was my first Journal.  I started it in September 2007 when I took my first Journal class from  Jessica Wesolek in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  You can see how regular I have been with my Journaling. The book is nearly finished.  These are some pages I recently completed. This is a book of events in my life.

The first three pages are from a visit to my Mom's.  She lives in Vancouver and I visit her for a few days each month from June through October as often as I can.  Recently I purchased a "Polaroid Pogo Printer" which I just love.  It is small enough to carry with me so I can print out and use photos in my journal when I'm away from home.  

The following two pages are from a recent annual (for the past 3 years) slumber party with two of my favorite girl friends. 

Here is the link for the Pogo Printer.

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