Friday, March 16, 2012

March projects

The first year I attended Artfest I took a class from Roxanne Padgett 'creating mixed media portraits'.  It was a really fun class and I had every intention of making more of these portraits.  The problem was timing, always something else to do.  So last week I made up my mind to have fun and create another portrait.  I'm having a difficult time deciding whether I do or do not like this one. I really liked the ones I did in Roxanne's class.   I think it's the colors I used.

These watercolors are from Carla Sonheim's "Faces" class.   This is so much fun.

I bought a new heavy duty paper cutter made by Zutter.  This paper cutter cuts cardboard, mat board, canvas board and will cut through small stacks of paper.  To test it I made several little journals.  It did cut through the thicker cardboard and mat board easily.  I also used paper from my scrapbox for the inside pages.  I was able to cut about 10 pieces of paper at a time.  The covers were from some poster board that I use under my projects.  After working over a sheet of poster board for several weeks I end up with some real pretty cover board.