Friday, July 22, 2011

Watercolor and Stitch class

I loved teaching this class.  The best part was that everyone was delighted with their finished project.
The class was small due to limited space (at my kitchen table).    Each student used the same photo to start the project, but as they worked with their own choice of color and embellishment they made it their own.

This was the sample I made for the class.

This is the photo that was used, printed on regular printer paper.

 Picture was turned over and covered with graphite pencil.

The photo was placed graphite side down on watercolor paper and flowers and leaves were traced to transfer design to subtrate.  You can see that my tracing came out very light on the watercolor paper.  I did just basic outlines no detail drawing.

Here the pencil lines were darkened with black pen and details  were added where needed.

 Collage elements and a horizon line were added.

Painted the background.

Flowers and leaves were added. also some stenciling. 
 If you go back to the class sample you can see that flowers and leaves were stitched with black thread. I used a free motion foot on my sewing machine for the stitching.

Photos of the students working on their projects.

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