Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Making Journals with Mary Ann Moss

I'm giving it another try.  Last night I tried to do this post and thought, I'm pretty good at this blogging.  However, I had trouble with uploading my pictures.  They uploaded to my post not just once but two times and when I tried to remove some of them I ended up deleting everything.  Frustrated, I went to bed.

These are some of the Journals I've been making in "Full Tilt Boogie", an online class by Mary Ann Moss.  I have taken several classes from Mary Ann and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in making their own journals. 

The first journal is made from the covers of an old photo album.  The signatures are a conglomeration of papers glued and taped together to fit inside the covers.  Then the signatures are sewn together and the covers are attached with quilted fabric strips and glue.

This journal is also made from the cover of a photo album.  I have included two pictures.  The first picture is before I covered the album.  The journal is covered with 'Paper Cloth' in the second photo.

This is my third journal.  I used an old book and removed the signatures. The book was the classic "Little Women".  I just fell in love with the cover.  It was very hard for me to cut up the book but I was determined and here it is. 

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