Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mixed Media and Watercolor

The past few weeks have been so hectic for me.  We traveled from Washington state to Arizona, from cold, windy, rainy, weather to sunny, and warm temperatures which yesterday turned to cloudy and windy.  I'm happy to be settled so I can now get back to creating beautiful and fun things.
This mixed media project is
a  folder to keep and carry my watercolor paper
supplies to class.

It is made out of cardboard and duck tape.

A watercolor class taught by Diane Wallenda. 
These are my finished projects from my first class.

This painting was done on Yupo paper.  The 1st photo shows the original colors without the spray webbing.  My camera did not pick up the colors correctly on the 2nd photo.  Second photo has the webbing sprayed on it.  I thought the paper was fun to work on and will probably try it again on future projects.


The olives were my first project in this class.  I loved doing this quick little painting. The shadows are added by the camera photo, the background is really very white.

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