Saturday, November 24, 2012

On the road to AZ

November 14, 2012
We started our road trip on Wednesday.  The first night we spent at Mom's.  She lives in Vancouver,WA just a few hours from our home.  It was a busy day for me and mom.  She needed a manicure so we went to the beauty salon so she could get that done.   Mom doesn't drive so I make sure I take her out when I visit.  Connor was weird.  He is mom's dog.  He wouldn't lie down, didn't bark and cried if we tried to pick him up, so he needed a trip to the Veterinarian.  The diagnosis was a sore back.  The doc gave him some pain pills.  After several days he is doing fine and driving mom crazy with his barking.
All of these photos were taken from inside the car. They came out good considering we were moving at 75 mph.

Lunch at McDonald's 


I can see some cool images in the clouds.

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