Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stamping, collaging, doodling, cardmaking, and a photo.

Just returned from a visit with my mom, she is so beautiful, I included a photo at the end of this post.  We had a nice visit but I have a hard time seeing her fighting the back pain and depression.  I know it will take time but she will get better.
These are some journals I made using manila folders, decorative paper, stamps and fabric for the covers.  For the insides I used a collection of different papers, envelopes, and stapled the papers to the inside of the cover.  I used duct tape for the binding.

 This was one of my projects from the "21 Secrets Workshop".   Diana Trout's workshop included all kinds of doodling and collage games.  So much fun to see where they take you.


I used one of my carved stamps from my last post to make this card.  The half yellow and green circles are decorative tapes I bought at Target in the children's art supplies.  The green woven circle is from one of my placemats that got damaged.  I punched some circles from it.  I have been inking it and stamping texture on some of my paper projects.

Me and my beautiful Mom at Applebee's.

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