Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September fun

The weather has been fabulous this month.  I visited my mom for several days, attended a Ladies Tea at Jubilee Lodge which was lots of fun, worked on several artsy craftsy projects and I'm now packing for a 5 day Art Retreat at Samish Island. 

I just finished knitting and sewing together this doll.  It was a pattern from Lion's Brand yarns called a Sally Doll.  She's cute but sewing her together was a pain.  When I was on a cruise to Alaska I met a gal who was knitting one of these dolls and at that time decided that I had to make one. Now she needs a name.  Any suggestions?

 When I was cleaning out some of my supply cabinets I came across 4 glass candles that I had purchased after Christmas last year.  I decided to decorate them to make space in my cabinets for other things.  This is the candle I kept for myself .  I gifted the others to some very special friends.
To decorate the candles - I first removed the label by soaking in warm water.  Next I tore several strips of fabric which I glued onto the jar with mod podge.  I brushed several coats of mod podge over the fabric, then made a flower to tie around the candle.

I bought a new book called "The Collage Workbook" by Randel Plowman. 
 He inspired me to try to create a collage from scraps that I have collected and stored in a small box.  I had fun making this.  You can see how it looks framed, in the photo below .

Getting ready for Samish Island retreat.

My mom gave me this flower arrangement.  I really like the way it looks in my bathroom.

This video was taken by my son Trevor of his granddaughters at their birthday party.  My great granddaughters, Payton and Taylor just turned 3.

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