Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Journal Page Tutorial

As I was creating this journal page, I decided to take photos of each step and make a tutorial to share.

I have selected my background papers which I will collage onto my page.  I am using a Watercolor Strathmore Journal.  This paper allows for several layers without breaking down.  Mod podge is my choice for gluing items to my page.  Sometimes I use matt medium, but find I need to use gloves with it because it doesn't wash off the hands very well.

After gluing my collage papers to my page, I add some paint using a sponge.  I like to use light colors here.  I start with buttermilk and some off white mixed together with a little water to give it a light wash, then I added some light blue, yellow and a red tone.  All applied lightly so the background shows through.

This is where I start adding stenciling. to my page.

More stencils and stamping here. 

Now for a focal point.  I cut the image out of a magazine.  Cut a dress out of scrap paper, and a bandanna to cover her hair.

This is where the fun starts.  Doodling, adding details.  Drawing leaves and stems for the flowers. I painted her face and body parts with a light paint.

Here is the completed page. I have added rub ons, more stamping, some decorative tape.

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