Friday, January 20, 2012

Journal cover

This is a cover I made for my Sketchbook. 

I used clear contact shelf liner. I cut a piece to fit my journal, plus an extra couple of inches on each side to allow for a pocket for the cover to slide into. I layed the contact on my table with the sticky side up, then started sticking scrap papers to it.  I used a glue stick for any overlapping edges that needed to be secured. When contact liner was covered, I placed another piece of contact paper over the scrap papers to sandwich them together. Using my sewing machine I did some freehand stitching all over the cover, to hold everything together since the contact paper isn't really sticky.  I trimmed the edges to fit the height of my journal/sketchbook and stitched around the edges of the cover. Finally I folded in the sides about 2 inches and stitched the edges to make pockets to slide my journal covers into.


Before going on my cruise, I decided that I needed a pouch to carry my sketchbook and a few supplies that would be easy to grab and go.

This is the pouch I made.  I painted the fabric and sewed it together.  It only just holds my sketchbook, watercolors, a pen, pencil and eraser.

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shelly said...

Awesome cover, Carla! :-). So great to see what you've been up to. Take care.