Monday, January 13, 2014

Deli Paper cards, Journals, and Bird pin

I finally broke down and bought some deli paper from Sam's Club.  It includes 2 boxes, 500 sheets in each.  The paper is similar to tissue paper due to its transparency, but much stronger.  Julie Fei Balzer made a mini online class about using deli paper.  Class is $1.99, and gives some good tips on ways to use the paper.  I made these cards after watching the videos and really like the way they came out.  The cards are white, laid on the colorful background for the photo.

Deli Paper CARDS


This journal is made from cardboard, packing tape, book tape, and decorated paper on the inside cover. 

I had a tablet of artist canvas sheets and decided to use them for my signatures.  The journal measures about 5 by 8 inches, which is a nice size to travel with.

This journal is made from some corrigated packaging, I found in my stash.  This is my sketch and watercolor journal.  The window on the front of the journal was part of the packaging.  I added some painted paper on the inside of the window.  I used duct tape for the spine and sewed the signatures to it.
This pin is green, as in recycled materials.  I used thin cardboard from the back of a paper tablet, aluminum foil from the top of a yogurt carton, glue, and permanent markers for color.

I punched out 2 birds and 2 wings out of the cardboard.  The 2 birds were glued together, also the 2 wings.  I used embossing folders to add the texture to the foil.  Next the foil was molded and glued to the bird and wing shapes.  I used markers to add color to the foil.  Then attached the wing to the front of the bird and a pin back to the back of the bird.

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