Friday, April 13, 2012

Mixed media canvas art

This post is related to my February 12th post on a mixed media canvas class I taught.  At the time I did the post I didn't have any photos of projects done by the students in the class.  Now I do have some of the finished projects which turned out fabulous.  I love how each person took what they learned and made it truly their own.

This was made by Sandy Taylor.   I love her choice of collage items.  For the dress she used some corrugated paper cut into a skirt shape and colored it, it added wonderful texture and interest to the canvas.

This was Linda Cinnamon's canvas.  Wonderful choice of colors.  The butteflies really pop out on the page.  Doodling on the page added texture, love it.

Nancy Dueker was the artist for this canvas.  I love those colors.  Layered backgrounds with stenciling and doodling really make the girl pop. 

Ann Mendehlson was the artist for this lovely canvas.  Love the background layers.  Great use of stencils, collage items, and colors.  Good use of buttons.

Didn't these gals make wonderful art pieces that they should be proud to hang in their homes?

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