Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lisa Englebrecht

I loved this class, loved Lisa.  She was so much fun.  Class participants were all given 1 yard of fabric to cut up however we wanted .. We needed to decide whether we were going to do a book, mini quilt, apron, canvas bag or wall hangings.  I divided my fabric into a number of different sized pieces to use for wall hangings or embellishments for other items such as tote bags or aprons.

Here's Lisa doing a DEMO.

This is the front of a book bag Lisa made.

These are book pages.

Lovely heritage wall hanging.

Another example of Lisa's beautiful art work.

Class participants all provided a piece of their painted fabric to use on an apron for Lisa.  It took several of us to figure out the best placement for the pieces of fabric.  Then we pinned them in place.  Kathy Peterson, who donated the apron, took it home and sewed it all together.  Looked so good.  We gave it to Lisa at Journalfest the next evening.  She loved it.

More painted fabrics.  Lisa placed these fabric pieces on the table to show us how she decides which ones would work together on a wall hanging.

This class was really fun.  Learned a lot. I don't have an example of what I did to add to this post because I deleted it off my camera before downloading my photos.  When I complete some of my pieces I will share them at a later date


Ann said...

Hi Carla,

Love your blog! It's so much fun to see all the different things you're doing...journaling, photography, painting, doll making, sewing, you are sooooo creative. I love your use of color.

Judi Young said...

Your blog is a great place for inspirations. Thank you for sharing..

Anonymous said...


I love all the new posting on your site; you really are into the digital phase now; something I keep wanting to try, but so far haven't. May be if I win, that will be a push for me to get started.


Anonymous said...

Scrapbooking is next on my list for 2012 things to accomplish. Love your blog as it will give me some new insight into the world of digital software. Looks like I could also use it in my card making.

Thanks for sending me your blog.

Opal Larkin